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Marc A. Ominsky's Experience


Marc Ominsky has been practicing in the Maryland State and federal courts since 1996. He has worked for private law firms and has been employed by numerous companies, including Fortune 100, as in-house counsel and general counsel.

Mr. Ominsky has experience and knowledge in many personal, family and consumer related legal areas as both a law firm attorney and as a corporate attorney, including but certainly not limited to: (1) Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Litigation in Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11; (2) Personal Injury including car accidents, slip & fall cases and premises liability; (3) Civil Litigation including trial, mediation and arbitration; (4) Family Law including divorce, child support, custody and guardianship proceedings; (5) Vehicle related crimes such as driving under the influence (dui), driving while intoxicated (dwi) and other traffic-related matters; (6) contract-related matters including drafting, negotiating and litigation; (7) Real Estate matters including foreclosure and short-sale assistance; (8) Wills and Probate; (9) consumer law including consumer litigation, and (10) administrative matters and hearings including school issues, state and federal contracting and other matters before governmental and local governments and agencies.

While Mr. Ominsky was employed in private law firms, he was representing small and medium sized companies. He was eventually offered an in-house position as a medium-sixed company’s general counsel. For numerous years, he was employed by and represented small, medium-sized and Fortune 100 businesses in legal matters including litigation, contracts, business and labor law.

As an in-house counsel, Mr. Ominsky has been responsible for contracts and accounts worth in excess of $500 million dollars. These contracts and accounts included both private and government clients. Mr. Ominsky’s involvement included the negotiation, drafting, enforcing and support of a wide variety of contractual relationships including master agreements, statement of works, service level agreements, non-disclosure agreements, IT related licensing, outsourcing agreements, partnership agreements, internal corporate documents, and other related business documents.

After leaving in-house, corporate practice, Mr. Ominsky decided to use his hard-earned experience, knowledge and skills to create his own practice. Now he represents individuals, families and businesses in many of the legal areas he excelled in while practicing in private firms and as a successful corporate attorney.

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